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Studio Hamburg Postproduction is the right partner for you, when it comes to the restoration of old time films. We are restoring your work in manual, analog and digital post-production steps. We also digitize whole archives or smaller stocks of tape or film with additional preparation, conversion and delivery of your data. In the long-term conservation and exploitation of valuable content, we would gladly advise you or keep the film rolls for later processing for you. Please read the next sections, our film and archive related services or get in touch with us directly.



Film & Video Restoration

The film and video restoration includes a complete process and restoration of a work. It goes through your material, depending on the conservation and planned utilization, various mechanical and digital post-production steps.

After the manual restoration the film segments are digitized up to 4K at Spirit telecine – with or without Schmitzer Wetgate – or at Golden Eye film scanner and then assembled digitally to the original work.

The material is replaced by a color correction on Nucoda Film Master as well as a digital retouching and last but not least an extensive digital restoration. The restoration of sound also takes place in parallel with the restoration of the image.

Manuel Restoration

Our experienced staff is checking and diagnosing manually on an inspection table the old or damaged footages, and assessing the restoration effort.

We are adding new dry and wet splices, tape over the film lacerations, remove clamp part threads and repair nicks and destroyed perforations.

If very dirty, we clean your movies manually, if necessary, after prior-fit thermal treatment in laboratory oven. For simple cases, we wash your material automatically in a movie Zenon wash cabinet with isopropyl alcohol.

After the manual restoration the footage is generally suitable for the digitization of our film scanner or scanners.

Telecine & Film Scanning

We digitize footage of any kind. With the Spirit Data Cine we scan the film dry or wet with the Blank Schmitzer Wetgate, when the footage has many scrapes. Our worldwide unique Wetscanning technique is an ideal complement to the upstream cleaning in Zenon film wash cabinet at the restoration tasks.
Most of the typical signs of aging can be masked with this combination before digitization.

The classic film negatives or also the positives between 16 to S35 mm can be scanned here up to a resolution of Full HD.

All other film sizes from 8 mm to 70 mm can be scanned very gently with the Golden Eye IV film scanner from Digital Vision in any resolution up to 4K.

Our scanner specializes in old, shrunken or wavy footage. Our colleagues have already performed miracles with technical knowledge, sensitivity and high technical expertise and were able to transfer supposedly unsalvageable material successfully into the digital world.

Digital Restoration & Color Correction

After the successful transition from analog to the digital world, we take care of the professional restoration of your film or video. We distinguish between the fully automatic retouching with the Archangel Ph. C-HD of Snell / Quantel in real time and the semi-automatic full restoration on diamond system of HS-type.

On the one hand include noise reduction, deflickering, stabilization, dirt reduction, elimination of pixel errors, dropouts and scratches in this field.

But we also eliminate dirt, luminance-chrominance fluctuations, film splices, geometric distortions, layer injuries, film cracks, missing frames, troubled steadiness, field dominance errors and color shifts. We convert your footage from SD to HD and establish transmission capability, if possible.

The color correction or density correction as in b/w films completes the restoration process and rounds it, in order to establish a good basis for restoration and often gives an overall balanced, visually successful result in the desired look. Depending on the specified object of the restoration work is the color correction a thoroughly multiply occurring production step.

Sound Restoration

The first step of the digitization is often the audio material. We restore to old recordings, as cord bands, records, cassettes or historical formats such as Assmann Plates.

An essential component then represents the sound-processing. Diverse problems occur here due to material aging and storage damage as well as the type and circumstances of the recording. This leads to effects such as classic band noises, disturbances like buzzes, optical sound crackles and crackers but also to distortion, frequency response variations, excessive sibilance and too strong echoing and signal strength leaps.

All this can be largely eliminated by a professional editor or at least softened. For this purpose, we use professional tools that allow a fast and efficient processing on the computer.

After the restoration, the material is checked with the image on synchronicity and adjusted if necessary. As a result, you will get your Audio files back that are ready for broadcasting and-tested under the current loudness specifications.

Digitalization of Archives

We offer you all services related to assurance of individual projects but also to digitalization of entire archives.

In the archives, there are often various materials of a variety of companies. Our years of experience and the right equipment allow us to work up with film or tape material in critical condition and to digitize. We look forward to your challenge.

We are happy to convert the digitized content and deliver it to you in the desired format and with trustworthy carriers. We can, for example, establish a 3D scan of your valuable, historical exhibits and obtain the digital counterparts permanently in a 3D PDF and deliver via email.
The possibilities are various. For more please contact us.

Film Storage

In our air-conditioned and well secured storage rooms, we offer the possibility of storing tape or film stocks cataloged.

For film scanning, if necessary, a near-term processing can be ensured with the closeness to the facilities of mechanical film restoration.


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